Barrett-Jackson now on the website!

Barrett-Jackson now on the website!

  1. A way to get to Barrett-Jackson is by going to the “Organization Image Catalog” because its not affiliated with a track.
  2. If you were already experienced with the website you could go to the JPR (JustPlainRacin) Update Log where you find what’s been updated since the last time you were here.
  3. Let me know what feature’s you’d like to see. I’ll probably hold it back until most of the contents is up or I come into a treasure chest of money but you’ll be first!

This will give you something to do this winter.

FYI. I have a few other websites I’ll be working on after this one. #1 A website about shooting and showing off  your weapon. #2 Mainly landscape type of images. #3 The next one will be a hoot! Probably street photography here. I’ve been laughed at a lot (we won’t go in to why). I figured taking images, processing and posting images when I’m blind ought to be a hoot! Of course #4. I have contacts to be a photographer for Circle racing and drag racing next year. #5 Http:// is still to be drfined. #6 And of course #7 Http:// Where I get most of my e-mail The rest of the websites get their e-mail from photographer@websitename (i.e. I hope you drop buy to see all my images sometime! It was fun collecting them!


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